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Evaluation of employees and HR potential

The process of HR Evaluation includes an overall analysis of the existing human capital within a company in accordance with the corporate goals and strategy.

The methodology includes several assessment aspects which give the insight into the strengths and weaknesses of human resources, and provide solutions to our clients which aim at more efficient achievement of business targets.

Respecting the differences between the companies, in terms of their business and industry, number of employees, organizational structure and legal requirements, we design tailor-made solutions with application of different tools in accordance with specific needs of our clients and their organizations.

Depending on the Client’s needs, the service can be provided on the Company level or partially on Division/Department level as well as for diverse position levels, from junior employee level to executive management level.

Organized in three phases, the overall process is seen as a project with defined milestones, enabling the consultants to become fully acquainted with the company’s environment, business practices, policies and procedures, and long-term goals.

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