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Recruitment and Selection Processes

Seen as a very sensitive issue, selection of candidates is conducted by using one or the combination of the following methods and techniques. We aim at offering tailor-made solutions which are best suited to the organizational needs and are according to the job analyses.

  • Search and selection with executive search focus

As experienced human resources consultants, we understand that the best way to start a successful recruitment process is by fully understanding the organizational structure, corporate culture and values of our clients’ organizations, and strategic positioning and goals of vacant positions.

Each recruitment process consists of two equally important phases, the search and the selection, which are carefully thought through and decided on in cooperation with our clients. The process is accompanied by follow-up activities and reporting on the process outcome.

  • Placement of job advetisements and CVs collection

Due to the sensitivity of some of the open positions within the organizations, the rising number of our clients require from us to discreetly advertise positions on their behalf without publicly revealing the name of their company.

This type of service is advised for sensitive management roles in the event when high discretion is necessary. The service allows our clients to start the selection process and have an insight into the local market potential and its response, prior to announcing the changes internally within the organization.

  • CVs pre-screening

For the high volume, mass recruitment projects where high response is expected in terms of the large number of applicants, we can offer the service of pre-screening and assortment of applications with limited or no access to the client’s system.

Screening is carried out in accordance with the criteria defined upfront by the Client. Upon completion, the results are forwarded to the Client or uploaded into the system, making the process more efficient for the Client, as with certain types of positions high quantity response is accompanied with large number of applicants inadequate for the given position.

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