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Recruitment and Selection Processes

For successful functioning of any organization it is very important how successful it is in motivating their employees. However, organizations that rely on financial compensation to motivate their employees may have problems to recruit or retain their best people in periods of stagnation and decreasing budgets.

Assessment exercises (simulations of fictional situations in which the participant is expected to respond and general group discussions) are designed to produce enough behaviour from employees in order to make accurate evaluation. More than one exercise will be used.

A) Group Assessment – recommended for Junior and Associate positions

  • General discussion among participants on the given subject
  • Discussion among participants in relation to given business scenario and related questions
  • Business role play exercise

The group dynamic reveals each participant’s individual behaviour thereby enabling the consultants to predict how each applicant is likely to behave and progress in the work environment in general and how they are likely to react in specific situations.

B) Individual Assessments – Recommended for Top and Mid Management positions

Individual assessment is conducted on one-on-one basis as a session between the consultant and individual employee. The assessment consists of tailor-made exercises and clearly defined areas for every individual position according to the job requirements.

HR Administration

CityScope becomes a formal employer for outsourced staff and takes on the following functions:

  • Gathering the necessary documentation for employment
  • Providing employment contract for a definite time, the contracts of temporary and occasional jobs, all in accordance with the law
  • Arranging work with employees in compliance with all regulations and requirements of the client
  • Communication with relevant state institutions (Tax Administration, Pension, health and social insurance)
  • Preparation and submission of all reports and documents relevant state institutions, in accordance with national legislation

Outplacement programs

We offer an assistance to the downsizing companies that are making effort to help their redundant employees through the period of transition and search for new employment.

Our outplacement program is designed as a series of coaching sessions (group or individual) aimed at development or improvement of the specific job search skills of displaced employees. Outplacement service proposal includes the following:

  • Web-based career development tool via specially designed internet portal
  • Outplacement program for Managerial positions
  • Outplacement program for group of employees


We are fully committed to our clients and candidates from the beginning to the end of eachprocess. We build long-term trust with our customers on the basis of professional and high-quality services in the field of human resources.

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